Apr 2, 2017

Meet the Player Characters - Sir Gerard

Sir Gerard - Human (Oeridian) Paladin 

Sir Gerard of House Hugard is a valiant Knight of the Hart and dedicated servant of Heironeous from Furyondy. As the second son of a minor noble family, dedicating his life to Heironeous and the knighthood was an expectation from birth that was never to be questioned. Though his high intelligence and bookish ways might have led him down the path of a wizard or sage or court advisor in another life, Sir Gerard was proud to embrace his destiny and join the knighthood at Castle Hart in all its glory.

Gerard was physically weak compared to the other men, which made his training incredibly difficult, but he worked twice as hard to prove himself, honor his family, and break the family curse that has haunted them for generations. His work paid off when he received the blessing of Heironeous that imbued him with all of the divine powers of a full paladin. After his knighting ceremony, Sir Gerard was selected for the most honorable task that could be bestowed upon him. He was selected to be part of Prince Thrommel's host as he travelled from Chendyl to Mitrik in Veluna to be married. The story of what happened to Prince Thrommel on that fateful day in CY 573 is known throughout the Flanaess. Perhaps the Hugard family curse is real after all.

When Prince Thrommel's cavalcade was attacked, Sir Gerard was knocked unconscious almost immediately, and never saw the attackers. He awoke in a cell inside the Temple of Elemental Evil sometime later. For several months he was tortured endlessly while being asked questions about Castle Hart and Furyondy's defenses, which he did not answer. Out frustration, Hedrack, priest of Iuz, threw him into the Fire Node. Sir Gerard's cunning wit allowed him to survive within the elemental demi-planes for several years. Though he could not escape, he was able to spend his time praying to Heironeous, waiting for the sign of what he was supposed to do. That sign finally came when Sarril found Gerard inside the fire node and told his story. The golden skull - artifact of pure evil. That was why Heironeous had placed him here. This was what he was supposed to do. Help this party to destroy the skull.

The Hugard Family

Sir Roldan Hugard
A stout man of 52, Roldan Hugard is the head and master of Hugard Hold in the Viscounty of the March. Standing 5’10”, black of hair with a strong jaw line, and weighing a bit more than he did in his prime, he still looks every bit the noble knight. Today he swings a quill more often than a sword and is one of Viscount Luther Derwent’s trusted friends. He is the father of two sons, and two daughters. He served as a Knight of Furyondy in his better days and has risen to a 6th level Cavalier. A Lawful Good follower of Heironeous, he has inculcated the teaching of the Arch Paladin into all his children.

Lady Evelyn Hugard
A beautiful woman even at the age of 45, Lady Hugard is the Mistress of Hugard Hold in every way. Her auburn hair naturally curls in locks that frame her face as perfectly as one can imagine. She supports her husband on all matters and often assists him in political dealings behind the scenes with the wives of the other well-to-do families of the March. She does this keeping Sir Roldan none the wiser, always remaining in the background allowing her husband to stand tall.

Master Desmond Hugard
Master Desmond is the eldest son of Sir and Lady Hugard. Although not a Knight, he looks every bit the part and inherited his mother’s political prowess as well. He is in line to inherit the wealth and power of Hugard Hold and spends every bit of his time preparing to do so. He is 30 years of age and is often seen at his father’s side.

Sir Gerard Hugard
The second son of Sir and Lady Hugard has a tragic story. If his brother Desmond looks the knight, Sir Gerard does even more so and has spent his short life dedicating himself to becoming everything his father desires in a son. At the age of 20, he was Knighted. He eats, drinks, and sleeps the tenants of Heironeous and is a picture perfect Paladin of the Hart. At an early age, he garnered the eye of Prince Thrommel II.  Once he became a Paladin and Knight was chosen for the Prince’s personal cavalcade to Veluna to wed his betrothed, Jolene. That was the year 573 CY, just before the date of the wedding, Prince Thrommel and his entire host disappeared on the road to Veluna. Neither the Prince, nor any of his cavalcade has been seen since. They, including Sir Gerard have all been declared dead.

Miss Julianne Hugard
The eldest daughter of Sir and Lady Hugard possesses a beauty unmatched by her mother, or any other female in the kingdom. With long auburn hair to match her mother and eyes of green she entrances nigh any man who has the honor to gaze upon her. Unfortunately, she was born both deaf and dumb. Living in a silent world where she is often the center of all attention would be unnerving itself, but the added curse of not being able to communicate as left her with nothing but dazzling smiles and sparkling eyes to express her wonts and desires. She is known as the beautiful Doll of Hugard.

Miss Susanna Hugard
Only one year the junior to Miss Julianne, Susanna is everything her sister is not. She was born with a hideous disfigurement of the back that causes her to stoop over with a grotesque hump that stands taller than her head causing her to naturally face the ground. Her hair is a dark brown and straight. She keeps it long to hide the equally disfigured face that needs to look up, arching her neck unnaturally just to see forward. Despite her physical appearance, Miss Susanna possesses the most intelligent and charming demeanor of all the Hugards. Her voice is pure honey, and her wit is as sharp as her father’s sword. At only 14 years of age, she speaks 8 languages, and is the most well-read of any in her family. She and her sister are inseparable. Throughout the March, Miss Susanna is known as the Voice of the Doll.

The Hugard Family Curse

There is talk around the March of a curse that haunts the Hugard Family. It is not known what Sir and/or Lady Hugard has done to warrant such a curse, but nearly all the Hugard children have been struck down by it.  The second son dead at a tragically young age and their two daughters will each make but half a Lady at best. The families of the March talk and chat and await the inevitable end of Master Desmond. How he has escaped the curse is a mystery.  

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