Feb 10, 2019

1st Day of Patchwall, CY 580 - Finishing the Glacial Rift

We had a nice extended session today to finish the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl. It was an exciting day filled with joy and more tragedy. It is unclear if there were any true "winners" today.

We left off with Jarl Grugnir and his consort, Lady Amgroth, flanked by four elite Frost Giant guards and two huge winter wolves, confronting the party. Jarl Grugnir addressed the party, demanding information about what they were doing. Dalron answered, stating that they were here to stop the raids on the human lands and if the Jarl agreed to do that, they won't have to kill him (I'm paraphrasing a bit). The Jarl, feeling he had the upper-hand in this situation, laughed, then told the party that they were only alive because he is allowing them to live to explain themselves. The fact is that both the Jarl and the party were stalling for time. While Dalron was speaking, Bukro, the drow assassin, was hiding behind Dalron, Luapan and Cadwin, drinking a potion of invisibility. While the Jarl did not see the potion drinking, one of the elite guards to his right noticed it, and reached for a throwing hammer he had at his hip. This triggered an initiative for everyone and the fight began.

Bukro won the initiative and managed to go invisible before the hammer throw. Lady Amgroth pulled out a scroll, but had a late initiative and didn't start to read it yet. The party recognized that magic scrolls are bad and immediately focused all of their attention on her. Dalron threw four daggers at her, nearly, but not quite killing her. Sarril followed up with a Boccob's Rolling Thunder that stunned two of the guards (though not before they threw hammers with devastating effect at Dalron) and knocked the lady unconscious - just one segment before she read her scroll. An invisible Bukro tried to move into position to backstab one of the giants, but was set upon by both winter wolves who sniffed him out and gave away his position. The Jarl immediately attacked Dalron and the other two guards threw hammers at Luapan. They mostly missed, but at least one connected for a lot of damage (they threw two hammers per round, for 5d4+8 damage per hit). Cadwin, who had held his action up until this point, realized the party wasn't likely to survive to the end of the second round, and cast an Obscurement spell over the entire area, which reduced visibility for the party and giants alike to just 3 feet. His goal, which succeeded, was to eliminate ranged weapons from the fight.

At this point, things turned chaotic. A bit more fighting took place, with severe penalties as everyone had to guess where their opponents were. Then Sarril got hit with a devastating Cone of Cold spell from somewhere just below him (he was flying in the air at the time). Cadwin transformed into a giant eagle and made a dive attack at a retreating Jarl while Luapan decided to cast True Seeing on Dalron, to allow him to see through the obscurement and continue his devastating throwing dagger attacks. What he saw were 5 Ogre Magi closing in on the party. One was visible, having just cast Cone of Cold on Sarril, and the other five were still invisible, spreading out trying to find opponents. Dalron immediately began shouting "Ogre Magi! Bug out! Bug out!"

Cadwin grabbed Luapan and Sarril grabbed Dalron and they both flew straight up and away. Unfortunately, that left Bukro still on the ground, where the giants finished him off before the one remaining winter wolf (he managed to kill the first one) began ripping him to pieces. And just like that, in only three rounds, the fight was over. A single winter wolf was the only true casualty, as Lady Amgrath was seen being hauled away by two of the giants and they, presumably, had the means to heal her.

The remaining party retreated back to the secret cave hideout they previously waited in. They spent a entire three days healing and replenishing spells. Sarril fiddled around with a ring he had found earlier, and to everyone's surprise, a naked, but very much alive, Pontus appeared in the cave. The ring was a Ring of Three Wishes, and there were now two left. Pontus, very happy to be alive again, gave everyone a great big hug.

On the 4th Day of Patchwall, the party readied for a return to the glacial rift. The plan was similar to before. Using invisibility, flight, protection from cold and detect traps spells, they headed back to the rift. This time, they floated high above the rift and slowly spiraled down to the bottom to check things out. By all accounts, it was now deserted. The party checked all previously unexplored areas and, other than getting attacked by some ice toads, which the party was able to fly away from without breaking their invisibility, there was nothing interesting. They decided to explore one of the two large tunnels going south, which recombined and sloped downward, opening up into a very large cavern. The cavern was covered in carvings and tapestries depicting symbols and images of the frost giant clan and of Jarl Grugnir. A large boulder acted as a door covering a passageway to the west, while another boulder that was previously covering a passage to the east was moved aside. The party explored the passage to the east and found the lair of the two white dragons they had previously slain, along with an enormous pile of treasure.

A Detect Magic spell revealed there were magic items spread throughout the pile, but it would take hours to sort through it all. The party decided this was a good place to camp out and do just that, so Sarril cast Wall of Ice to cover the entrance, and the sorting began.

From a magic-item perspective, there turned out to be less than what everyone was hoping for. Some armor and potions, primarily. They grabbed as many valuable looking gems as they could, and left the coins where they were (there were well over 100,000 coins of all types - but no chests to put them in). They decided to spend the rest of the day and overnight here. In the morning, they replenished spells and continued their journey, using a Shrink spell to remove the boulder covering the west passage.

After exploring a number of empty passages - most of which appeared to be living chambers for frost giants and their guests, and finding most items of value having been taken, the party came to another boulder that Sarril used Shrink to remove. This room appeared to be a prison, and chained to the wall with massive manacles and chains, was a storm giantess. Once the party convinced her that they were not hostile and, in fact, were trying to hunt the Jarl and his remaining clan, the giantess offered to help. She introduced herself as Olgani, an ambassador from her own clan who was summoned by the jarl in order to solicit their aid in the attacks on human lands. When she refused, the jarl imprisoned her and has been using various means of torture ever since to persuade her to change her mind (ineffectively). Sarril was able to free her by casting Enlarge on her manacles, allowing her to slip out of them. Olgani offered to assist the party with the remainder of their search of the rift and defeat any remaining enemies they may find. Pontus decided he was in love with the 24 foot tall exotic woman, and spent the rest of the day trying to woo her (and, as unlikely as it may seem, actually made some progress on this front).

Continued searching revealed a room full of ogres that the party chose to ignore and a holding pen for four hungry polar bears that the party carefully released before running away (thinking the polar bears would likely find the ogres and the strongest would survive). The Jarl's great hall was completely abandoned, and the party left the jeweled throne alone. Searching north, they found a trophy room full of treasures from various conquests. Sarril determined that several of the items were magic and, upon collection of said items, and alarm was sounded. There was no one to respond to the alarm, and it was quickly silenced. Olgani was able to recover her personal armor and weapons here as well.

Further searching to the north of the Trophy Room revealed a concealed escape tunnel. Sarril had Detect Invisibility, Detect Magic and Detect Traps spells all operating together. Detect Traps was indicating a trapped object along a high shelf, completely invisible. Despite being obviously invisible, neither Sarril's Detect Magic nor his Detect Invisibility spells revealed the object. Whatever was hiding it was powerful magic indeed, and, possibly, the Jarl wasn't even aware of its existence. They decided to have Pontus open the trapped box, since he can generally just take anything a trap throws at him. The trap was a poison gas cloud that enveloped everyone within 30 ft. Save or die. Everyone but Cadwin made their save. Luckily for Cadwin, Luapan had a Slow Poison spell readied, which held the poison off long enough for Cadwin to cast his own Remove Poison spell, and avoid death. There's one more wish that Sarril doesn't have to spend.

Next, they found a hidden lever high off the ground. The party asked Olgani if she would pull it, and she did, which caused everyone in the immediate area to teleport away. They now found themselves in a hot, volcanic area. The smell of burning sulfur all around. Before them were a pair of massive iron doors. This must be the entrance the Hall of the Fire Giant King, and possibly where Jarl and the remaining frost giants escaped to.

It is the afternoon of the 4th Day of Patchwall, CY 580, and the party is wondering where they can find shelter to rest before they venture into the hall (hint: they don't call these the Hellfurnaces for no reason).

Jan 27, 2019

1st Day of Patchwall, CY 580 - Into the Glacial Rift and. . . tragedy

This week we return to the "main" party continuing to explore the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl.

After resting for two days to heal and recover spells, the party decided to trek back into the glacial rift. They knew if any frost giants were left, they would likely be better prepared - maybe even setting a trap, so the party took extra precautions. Sarril cast Fly on the three strong fighters, each of whom then were able to carry Sarril, Cadwin and Luapan on their backs. He also cast Invisibility 10 ft. Radius, rendering the entire party invisible, as well as Detect Invisibility on the fighters so they could communicate with each other with hand gestures. It consumed a fair amount of Sarril's daily spellpower, but it was worth it. They used the invisibility to float just above the surface of the ice, ignoring any slick areas or traps while making no noise at all.

At the entrance were posted two very cold hill giants - some of those who had escaped from the burning hill giant fortress. The party slipped right past them and began exploring the caves. Most of the caves in the northern rift were empty except for two area where the hill giant champion and few others were camping out. The hill giant champion would have been extremely tough as he was of higher hit dice than the other hill giants, wore plate mail, carried a shield and had a huge sword. But the party has a specialized double-wielding drow fighter/thief named Bukro with them now, and Bukro does what Bukro does, which in this case meant flying invisibly behind the hill giant champion and completely eviscerating him in one attack. As if three backstab attacks for x3 damage wasn't enough, he also rolled 2 natural 20s on the die. The resulting bonuses and multipliers resulted in over 160 points of damage to the hill giant before he even had a chance to scream. The other hill giant in the room, who just watched who he thought was the toughest fighter in the world get cut to ribbons by a flying, now visible drow, failed his morale check and panicked. But before he could act (it was still the surprise round), Pontus struck at him and Dalron tossed four daggers into him and, with Dalron's giant-killing bonuses added, they were able to drop him before a sound came out of his mouth. The party then went into another nearby cave where three more hill giants were located, and quickly took them out as well.

After Sarril re-cast invisibility on the visible fighters, they party headed further south, into unexplored territory. They came into a room with five stone giants, whom they decided to ignore. In another room they found three fire giants, and decided they needed to take them out. Following a similar plan to before, they started with Bukro doing an invisible backstab, with Dalron and Pontus following-up on a surprise round. This time Bukro came close to a kill, but not quite, so this fight actually went into round 2, where the giants got to hit back. Still, the fight was over quickly and those wounded were able to get healed, but the three fighters were now permanently visible. The party found three large sacks of gold - payments received or payments to be delivered, though it was unclear which.

The party decided it was time to fly down into the bottom of the the rift. From the map they had recovered from the hill giants, they could see semi-circle wall at the southern end of the rift that would be worth exploring (7D on the map below).

The icy mist was heavy down here, so even in daylight they only had obscured vision for 30 ft., and could see nothing further than that. The party carefully stepped into the enclosure, which was about 60 ft. across its diameter. They could see human and demi-human skeletons piled along the interior wall. Suddenly, are large shadowy figure moved across their peripheral vision before disappearing back into the fog. As everyone tried to ready their weapons and get their bearings, anticipating where an attack might come from, in the confusion there was quick flash of something blue and scaly that struck out like blur before disappearing back into the fog. Where Pontus was standing, there was now an empty space. As soon as he could determine where the thing was, Cadwin cast faerie fire and lit up an outline of what Sarril determined was a remoraz. The party launched an all-out massive attack, hoping to kill it quickly and rescue their friend from its belly. Sarril thought he had read somewhere that these beasts regurgitate their victims when killed. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and two rounds later, when they had felled the beast, Luapan and Bukro started immediately cutting open its abdomen. A burning hot magma-like substance poured out, melting a hole into the ice. A magic shield and sword were found inside, white hot, but resisting the magic of the items were resisting the heat. There was no sign of Pontus. May the great Fruztii warrior be remembered.

RIP, Pontus of the Cold Crow Clan

The party had no time to grieve their fallen comrade however, as a shadow loomed overhead and two of the living party members were stricken with fear. Sarril, realizing a dragon was upon them, immediately flew straight up into the air in the hopes of avoiding its breath weapon. Dalron did the same, about 30 ft. in front of Sarril, hoping to get a couple of good head-on attacks in. The dragon released its breath weapon on both of them, but, due to the Endure Elements spell Cadwin had cast on them earlier, the already weak white dragon breath damage was halved before saves, and they both took only superficial wounds. But while white dragons may not be the strongest, they are the fastest and most maneuverable of their kind, and the dragon flew past Dalron and swung around to attack Sarril while getting pelted by thrown daggers from Dalron. One more round of fighting and the party thought they had the upper hand when the second dragon came in and released its breath weapon on Luapan, Bukro and Cadwin on the ground. Sarril released a numbers of offensive spells at the dragon, many of which did not get through its magic resistance, but there was some effect.

The first dragon then managed to hit Dalron with both of its claws in mid-air and get him into a hold. That's when Luapan rushed at the dragon with a heroic acrobatic move. Using the Jump spell to leap off the top of the ice wall, right at the dragon with this +5 staff spear, plunging it deep into the dragon's side in mid-air, then held on for dear life as the dragon sped away with its prey. The dragon flew past the rift and far out over the glacier, making bite attacks against Dalron as it flew. But Dalron is incredibly strong, and was able to make a Bend Bars check to get free of the dragon's grip while Luapan managed to pull himself up onto the dragon's back and pull his spear free. The dragon wasn't stupid. It knew that Luapan would us that position on his back to drive that spear in, and it was already severely injured from Dalron's first assault at it. The dragon went into a nose dive, spinning as it flew and sending Luapan into a free-fall. Dalron kicked himself free and since the Fly spell was still active, he stayed airborne while throwing another volley of daggers at the dragon. The dragon continued its nosedive, straight into the glacier below - dead. Luapan, who was slowly descending with the use of a Feather Fall spell, was picked up by Dalron and together they started flying back toward the rift.

In the meantime, Sarril, Cadwin and Bukro were dealing with the second dragon. Cadwin unleashed two lightning bolts at it, doing considerable damage, but he was very limited with what he could do on the ground. Sarril wasn't having as much luck, and was getting quite frustrated that his spells were not penetrating the dragon's weak magic resistance (it was just unlucky rolls of the dice). Sarril had cast Mirror Image on himself to buy a few rounds against the dragon's claw and bite attacks, but he was nearly out of images and things were starting to get desperate. Finally, in a last ditch effort, he cast Polymorph Other on the dragon, which failed its magic resistance and its save, turning into a sea bass and falling to the bottom of the rift below. The fight over, the party gathered back in the Remoraz nest to search more thoroughly. Although they found a few magic items on the skeletons, they found no sign of Pontus' body.

DM's Note: The question is likely to be raised at this point "why are there skeletons if the Remoraz leaves no trace of its meal?" I had to ask that myself. I am using the 2nd edition Remoraz description which says that anyone swallowed dies at the end of the same round in which they were swallowed due to the extreme heat within the Remoraz. The heat is so intense that any non-magical metal weapons striking the creature melt (and I did forget to say that, so technically Dalron should have lost his daggers that he threw at it, which would have resulted in the dragon killing him as he would have been without throwing daggers to deal with it, but I'm not a perfect DM and the party often benefits from that). I decided that since Pontus had a Ring of Fire Resistance on, I would give him one round to be saved, even though there is nothing in the rules about that. It took more than a round to kill the beast, however, and in that time, even minor magic items were destroyed inside (I did roll saves for the items). Pontus is not only dead, his body has been utterly consumed by the volcanic heat inside the remoraz. There is no resurrection from this. So what were all of the skeletons? My best guess is that this was originally a lair for something else and the Remoraz moved in - possibly eating whatever was here before that created those skeletons.

Jarl Grugnir
After Cadwin and Luapan healed everyone up, the party decided it was time to go again. They were out of spells and in no shape to fight. Only Sarril could fly at this point, so they decided to walk north along the bottom of the rift toward a set of stairs along the northwest wall. Little did they know that the bottom of the the rift is a dangerous place, full of all kinds of foul creatures, like that remoraz. The first thing they ran into was a pack of 7 winter wolves. These weren't so bad. At 6 hit dice, they could only land attacks on a natural 20 against most of the heavily armored party, and their ice vreath was nearly useless with Cadwin's protections in place. The party made short work of the wolves. But the wolves weren't the problem. As they were fighting, they heard a horn blast in the distance, and then felt the ground shake. After they killed the winter wolves, the party continued north to find the stairway they were looking for collapsed, trapping them down in the bottom of the rift. That's when the Frost Giant Jarl, Grugnir, stepped forward, flanked by 6 of his his strongest warriors. He addressed the party "You have beaten my warriors and killed my pets. That earns you my attention. Tell me who you are and why you are here."

And with that, we have ended the session. It is mid-day on 1st Day of Patchwall. The party is out of spells and short one melee fighter. How will they deal with the frost giant jarl? (it probably involves Dalron sticking him with daggers, but who knows).

Dec 30, 2018

7th Day of Brewfest, CY 580 - Jarrus and crew explore further into the ToEE ruins

Part 1 - The Temple Ruins

After retreating from near death by black pudding, Jarrus, Othmar and Dardac returned to camp where Janziduur was able to apply some healing. Jarrus inspected his armor and weapon and saw the damage the pudding had wrought to the metal. It was still functional, but some of the magic had been worn away, making it less effective than it once was. Perhaps there is a way to restore its luster, but for now, he would have to make due. After discussing what to do next, the party decided to rest overnight and then delve in again, hoping to find the source of the evil that still taints the land and whatever was creating these monstrous undead.

Before venturing back into the temple, Janziduur cast Negative Plane Protection and Protection from Evil on each of the three party members. They then went exploring. Whatever was left of the black pudding was gone. Exploration of the remaining, accessible portions of the third level of the temple seemed clear, though there were plenty of track marks around to indicate zombie bugbears have been roaming around. The upper levels were completely collapsed, as were portions of the third level, so, after exploring as much as they could, the party took the steps down to the fourth level.

"This is where we fought Hedrack and came face to face with Iuz," Jarrus told a skeptical Othmar. The air down at this level was very cold, though not quite freezing. Luckily Othmar was able to find some clothing and an extra cloak in a storage room on the level above, after the pudding burned away what he had been wearing before. Six more bugbear zombies were found on this level, and they were as tough as ever. They were slow and didn't hit very often, but they sure packed a punch, as Jarrus lost more than half of his hit points in a tough fight. But the group eventually prevailed and were able to move on.

Further up the hall, as they approached the altar where Iuz had been summoned, a crack appeared in the middle of the floor and widened as it went down the hall. The party had to choose to be on one side or the other and chose the left side. On either side of the altar, the statues of Iuz and Zuggtmoy still stood, looking as menacing as ever. The four hallways that led to the demi-planes were completely collapsed and inaccessible. The crack in the floor, now a wide fissure, continued past the altar into the room beyond, where the treasure chests were located (which had previously triggered demons to be summoned). There were still four chests in the room. One was open and empty (having been previously looted by the party the first time through), one was broken across the floor with its contents spilled out, just as the party left it when they ran away to escape the demons. One was still closed and another was now open, showing the 25,000 or so platinum pieces ready for the taking. Othmar was about to start filling his pockets when Jarrus shouted for him to stop. "Messing around with these chests is what got us in trouble last time," he said. "Don't touch anything." As if they needed more warning, there were two new, sinister additions to the room. On opposing walls, two human bodies were nailed, their skin peeled away and tacked to the wall in a gruesome display. Their cloaks were intact, black druid cloaks, similar to ones worn by mysterious men the party had seen before. Their blood was dry, but otherwise these bodies were reasonably fresh.

The party moved forward, now entering an area never explored before. A round room and a dias that previously held a throne. Both were ripped apart by the fissure that ran through the middle of the floor. Here, the air was even colder, coming up from the hole now in the floor, where a strange purple glow could be seen. The fissure exposed a staircase below the temple, though this appeared to be the work of someone or something entirely different. Dardac noticed that there were human footprints here, going down, and the party decided to follow into the depth far below the Temple of Elemental Evil.

The stairs went down more than 100 ft. into the cold darkness. Only a very faint purple glow illuminated anything, and the continual light the party had been using seemed only to brighten an area of 5 feet around them. At the bottom of the stairs, they came to a hall leading south to an octagonal room with four exits (north, south, east and west) including the way they came in. Inside that room, laying against the wall on the east side, were two dead bodies. These bodies also seemed somewhat fresh, and were dressed in the black druid cloaks that have become familiar. As the party began to look around, a voice boomed out of nowhere saying "LOOK ABOVE YOU TO KNOW YOUR FATE."

Jarrus looked up and the domed ceiling became translucent, revealing an infinite violet hue through which floated glowing black runes. Jarrus was immediately able to understand the runes, which said:

"Those whom I find unfit, I place on my left"

"Those who succeed, I place on my right"

"The chosen may come before ME!"

The ceiling then faded to black and became opaque again.

(DM's Note: Clearly there is a dungeon on top of which the Temple of Elemental Evil was built. Which dungeon this is might seem obvious to some, but I'd like it to remain a mystery for my players, so no discussing it in the comments, please.)

Jarrus decided this meant they should go right (west), and off they went down a short hallway into a hexagon shaped room. Within this room were five strange formations, resembling small trees. An opalescent black tree, a deep green tree, a metallic crimson tree, and indigo blue tree and a smoky purple tree. Each tree had fruit-like growths on it. Jarrus picked one of the fruits and it crumbled to dust in his hand, and he took some form of damage. Othmar tried to do the same and the fruit again crumbled, but Othmar didn't take damage and instead seemed, somehow, changed for the better. Jarrus tried again and took damage again, and decided it was best to stop messing around with the trees and brought everyone back to camp for healing and rest. Othmar, now curious, decided they should return and start picking multiple fruits to experiment with and, so, the next morning they returned to experiment. Othmar's experimentation did not go so well, as, after picking one particular fruit, a blackness started to crawl up his arm, disintegrating him as it went. Jarrus, acting quickly, cut-off Othmar's arm before the mage was entirely disintegrated. Othmar was now one-armed, unconscious and barely hanging on to life. But this didn't stop Jarrus and Dardac, both of whom picked fruits of their own without taking damage and felt much better about themselves for it. NOW, they were done with this place, and decided it was time to abandon this dungeon and go to Furyondy.

And so they carried Othmar's unconscious body to the surface where Janziduur healed him (though she couldn't fix his arm) and they took their boat back to Verbobonc. In Verbobonc, Jarrus put up money with the Temple of Trithereon to advertise for adventurers to come down to the area around the temple and help clear it out of monstrous infestations (though no words about the temple itself). After that, they took the boat up to Stalmaer in the Gold County of Furyondy.

Part 2 - Off to Furyondy

It has been known to the party for a while that Jarrus' mother is Countess Kyaren Rhavelle of the Gold County in Furyondy. She left her adventuring partner and lover, Jarrus' father, Correal Sunleaf, when Jarrus was still pretty young. The Countess' older brother had died, leaving no heir, and so she left her family behind in order to take her place in the political landscape and protect her family's legacy. Jarrus stayed with his father, who was now a cavalier without a lord, being trained in the ways of warfare and chivalry. With his father dead, Jarrus was now returning to the only family he has.

The first stop was the town of Stalmaer, along the Att River (a tributary to the great Velverdyva). Jarrus tried asking around there about the whereabouts of the countess, which only drew suspicions from the local militia. They then decided to travel up to Libernen, the seat of government for the Gold County. There, they approached the palace gates and, after some discussion with the guards regarding who Jarrus was, were let in to meet with the chamberlain/butler, a tall man in colorful garb named Jorgen. Jorgen informed Jarrus that the countess was not in the palace, but was currently at her country estate. A carriage was summoned, along with servants for the trip and four knights to escort the party (not that they needed an escort, but protocol for VIPs was being employed).

After a few days, the party arrived by coach to the Ravelle estate, nestled in the beautiful countryside of the Gold County. Upon pulling up to the estate, they were greeted once again by Jorgen (who must have used some form of magical teleportation to beat them here) and they were led inside to the great hall. Inside were several people who looked like nobles or other people of importance, drinking wine eating food. Soon, Countess Ravelle came down the stairs, eager to great her long lost son. Jarrus bowed to her formally, rather than embrace her as she wished. Nonetheless, the countess was pleased to see her son and began introducing him to the others in the room with great pride. Some of the folks in the room were:

  • Baron Jemian of Littleburg
  • Gellain, Ambassador from Veluna
  • Rafendyl, "Gildentongue" - Half-elf bard from Highfolk
  • Schyzer - a human mage who seemed uninterested in socializing
  • Jelleneth - a young human woman who serves Trithereon and appears to be a fighter of some repute
  • Sir Kiprien Rahlden - Knight of the Hart from Castle Hart
  • Tobian Rushkane - A flamboyant Backluni man

There were several other petty nobles and merchants in the room, but Jarrus was not introduced to them all.

DMs Note: It is now the 10th Day of Patchwall, CY 580. Jarrus and his group will move to an online game as they do a lot of social interaction with the countess and her guests. These interactions will likely not make it into the blog, so we will pick-up with this group again when and if they get back into a tabletop-worthy adventure.