May 21, 2017

21st Day of Flocktime, CY 579 (The party takes out a cult of Wastri)

Once Pontus was turned back to living flesh, he and Sarril sat down and ordered some lunch. They had much catching up to do over the next couple of hours. Sarril relayed the story about how the party escaped the demi-planes and destroyed Zuggtmoy. He also explained how the party is now trapped in stasis inside the Daern's Instant Fortress, along with some very bad demons. They decided to hatch a plan.

Sarril and Pontus travelled several miles north of the city, into the Cairn Hills and found a secluded location where they could activate the fortress without being seen. Sarril cast Strength on Pontus and gave him a Rod of Smiting to use in place of his sword to counteract the bladed damage reduction of the babau. Sarril cast Minor Globe of Invulnerability and Mirror Image on himself, then activated the fortress and charged in. The group inside never missed a beat, continuing the fight exactly where they left off. Shan-Ju again proved himself a formidable warrior as he took out another babau demon (due to another series of ridiculous die rolls on behalf of his player, who was also playing Pontus). Sarril globe was able to prevent the effects of the Ray of Enfeeblement from the babau's gaze, giving the party the opportunity to fight while looking at the beasts. Between Pontus, Shan-Ju, Sir Gerard and Jarrus, all enhanced by Luapan and Sarril, the remaining demons were dispatched very quickly.

After a brief introduction, Sir Gerard proclaimed that Pontus was sent by Heironeous himself to aid the party in their need, and thanked him appropriately. Sarril explained that they were outside the city the City of Greyhawk and that he had procured rooms for them inside the city. The party agreed to continue their plan of gearing up in Greyhawk before heading to Furyondy. Shan-Ju thanked the party for freeing him from the demi-planes, and explained that there is a monastery near the City of Greyhawk that may have some answers that he has been searching for, and he took his leave of the party (for now).

It was late afternoon when the party returned to the city, and after a quick visit to the High Market to see about commissioning some custom armor for Sir Gerard, the group went to the Silver Dragon Inn where Sarril relayed the story about the cult that was terrorizing the Foreign Quarter. He had found out earlier that it was a cult of Wastri, aka the Hopping Prophet, causing the trouble and the cult leader was starting to make some demands of the city. Merchants who were recent victims of arson attacks were desperate and hired another adventuring party at the Silver Dragon Inn to put a stop to the cult. Sarril was able to pick up the clues they were given, which speak to a particular beggar on the street who had some information. Once Sir Gerard heard about this, he insisted the party head out immediately to put an end to the evil. Having nothing better to do at the moment, the party headed out.

After finding the beggar and paying him to tell them the location of the hideout, the party went to the building - an abandoned bath house. Using Invisibility 10' Radius, they followed some of the cultists through the front door and launched a surprise attack. The cultists turned out to be Grung, intelligent amphibious creatures from the Vast Swamp. The grung were using poisoned arrows, but they were no match for the party. As a matter of fact, the party pushed through the bath house, easily defeating everything inside, which included another dozen or more grung, four giant toads and a cleric of Wastri by the name of Heironymous Spune. After freeing two merchants who were tied up, they learned that Heironymous Spune wanted revenge on the City of Greyhawk for some grievance that the once Lord Mayor, Zagig Yragerne, had inflicted on his master.

Sir Gerard was proud to have defeated evil twice in one day. Jarrus declared that the party now owns a bath house, which, after some renovations, will be a fine establishment. Sarril was happy to have fulfilled his promise to Tobin Potriades and now be able to join the Guild of Wizardry. Pontus was happy to no longer be a statue, while Luapan pointed out "hey guys, there are some bodies in the water there" noticing that some of the members of the previously hired adventuring party didn't make it very far and were tossed in the bath water to be frog food.

The party then headed back to the inn to rest, as each of them had separate plans to pursue in the morning.


  1. "This place would make a glorious Temple of Heironeous," states Sir Gerard, "The name of the scourge who inhabited it is clearly a sign."

    1. Ha! I just caught that. I'll fix it. Heironymous