Mar 5, 2017

8th Day of Flocktime, CY 579

We started the session with the party having just released an "elf" with blue hair and blue skin from the mirror. The strangely attired, and strange looking, elf attempted to speak with the party using a variety of different unrecognizable languages before Sarril said something in Ancient Suloise that was understood. The elf asked where they were and what year it was, and then asked Sarril to hand over the mirror. As the elf started to cast a spell, Sarril handed over the mirror and the elf's spell destroyed it, releasing Athan, several horses and squirrels, and an apparently human figure in red robes with arcane symbols on it, and a water weird. The party didn't get much of a chance to assess the situation before what Sarril believes was a time-stop spell was cast. Within a blink, the blue elf, the red-robed man and the water weird were gone, leaving behind Athan, the horses and the squirrels.

The party decided to look for a new place to rest, being that this building was demolished. They settled on an abandoned temple of St Cuthbert, which was still mostly intact due to its solid stone construction. While the magic users did their thing, Athan and Luapan and Jarrus went exploring. Jarrus walked around town to see what the townspeople were like (answer = skiddish) whole Pontus and Luapan investigated the broken mage tower. While nothing of value was discovered in the tower, the eerie shadows moving inside indicated it was not entirely empty. Pontus managed to fall through two flights of rotten stairs and got some splinters in his butt, but is otherwise okay. The party spent two nights in the temple, discovering on the second night that demonic creatures were circling overhead, and realized it was time to get moving again. So on the morning of the 7th day of Flocktime, the party headed back to the temple to look for the power gems needed to complete, and then hopefully destroy, the skull. Finding a, once again empty temple, they headed straight the portal teleporting them to the Earth Elemental Node (demi-plane of earth).

This harsh environment, resembling a series of caves winding and twisting every which way, was filled with dusty, very cold air that was hard to breathe and difficult to see in. The environment was also dealing damage from falling debris every turn. The party soon learned they can limit the damage by use of helms and shields, though the visibility and general cold continues to be a problem. Following the caves around, the party eventually came to a lair of a small black dragon protecting two eggs. While the two fighters managed to make short work of the dragon, its mate was sneaking up from behind to hit the remaining party with its breath weapon. Sarril managed to avoid it altogether, while Athan made his save. Unfortunately, Luapan failed to save and his clothing and most of his skin was burned/melted off by the caustic acid. He dropped to -4 hit points. Athan released a lightning bolt, followed by Sarril shooting magic missiles, bringing the second dragon down. Sarril was then able to fully heal Luapan, who, in addition to losing his clothes, lost some of his items due to the acid as well.

The party explored further, running across a couple of Galeb Durr (earth-elemental type creatures with magic abilities). The party decided to talk to the Galeb Durr, who expressed appreciation for dispatching the black dragons who were not respectful of the earth. The galeb durr warned the party about the gorgons up ahead, which ended up being the next encounter. The party found a large cavern full of stone statues - a sure sign that this is where the gorgons must reside. Because of the extremely
low visibility with the dust, the party was unable to see the gorgons, but Pontus heard their breath, which prevented a surprise attack. Two gorgons attacked, with the first being quickly dispatched by Pontus and Jarrus working in unison, but the second turning Pontus to stone with its breath weapon before being dispatched by the rest of the party.

To keep statue-Pontus safe from breaking, the party placed it in the portable hole before checking their inventory and determining that no one has a stone-to-flesh scroll. Luapan (at the time being voiced by Ian since Graham had to leave early), wisely suggested speaking with the galeb durr again. Unfortunately, stone-to-flesh is not a spell they were capable of, so at this time, Pontus is to remain a statue unless/until someone can figure something out.

It is the afternoon of the 8th Day of Flocktime, in the year CY 579 - with the party trapped in a demi-plane somewhere. . .

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