Aug 14, 2016

Meet the Player Characters: Luapan

Luapan (no known family name) - Human Cleric of Celestian

What is there to say about Luapan, other than like most cleric's of Celestian, he seems preoccupied with the stars and prophecy - always looking at the larger universal picture. The followers of Celestian are mysterious indeed, often exhibiting supernatural abilities that cannot be explained by the power of prayer. Luapan uses these abilities, as well as his divine powers, to help those in need while he serves the greater purpose set forth by his god.

It is known that Celestian often serves the will of Istus, for it was surely fate that drew Luapan toward the temple and on a path to join the rest of the party in their shared purpose. It was a comet that appeared overhead in the sky near where the Battle of Emridy Meadow was fought 9 years ago. A sign such as this could not be ignored, for it was a clear calling from Celestian himself telling Luapan where he must go. He travelled on foot for weeks until he was close to his destination, but before he could travel the last few miles, he was captured and imprisoned, where he stayed until rescued by Pontus, Sarril, Athan, Delvin and Gareth. Upon learning that they were on their way to Nulb near the former Temple of Elemental Evil, Luapan knew that their fates were intertwined. While the comet in the sky was now gone, Luapan knew it had served its purpose to bring him together with the party.

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