Mar 13, 2016

Meet the Player Characters: Sarril

Sarril (no known family name) - Cleric of Boccob / Magic User (Half-Elf)

Sarril was born in the city of Stoink in the Bandit Kingdoms.  His mother was a captured elven slave. He does not know who is father is.  His early years as a slave were painful and filled with sorrow.  He was separated from his mother as soon as he no longer needed to be fed by her.  He was whipped and beaten almost every day.  His chores were cleaning the blood and filth from the slave and fighting pens.  When he was 10 years old he was placed in a caged cart with other slaves and marched down the road.

As the slave caravan traveled west from Stoink, they came upon a lone traveler who was heading south-west.  The slave caravan figured this was an easy mark for them as the traveler did not appear to be wearing any armor or weapons.  As four slavers approached the man and attempted to capture him, he quickly disarmed and dispatched the slavers.  He seemed to know when and where they were going to attack and always stayed one step ahead of them.  He beat them using his quickness and wit, with quite a few punches and kicks for good measure.  He released the slaves and gave them two options.  They could choose to gather any supplies and run, or the second option was to follow him and he would lead them south-west to Rel Mord, the capital of the Kingdom of Nyrond.  The choice was theirs, they were free.  Many gathered what they could and ran.  The few, Sarril included, chose to follow the man to Rel Mord.

Once they made it to Rel Mord, the man left them.  He wished them well and told them all that as free men and women, they had the choice to make their own road now.  Sarril, alone for the first time and given his own choice of what to do was lost…

As he walked the city of Rel Mord with nothing but the over-sized cloth on his back.  He came upon the Temple to Boccob.  As he stands looking at it, he hears a woman’s voice in his head, he thinks it is his mother…Learn, study, grow…  You know what you must do….

Sarril enters the temple and find the high priest.  He kneels before the priest and lays himself out before him.  “I give myself to Boccob, to learn, to study, to grow…I will do all that you ask and all that you need…”

The priest, not having seen this type of loyalty or devotion given to himself or Boccob, takes the boy in.  He teaches Sarril all of Boccob’s teachings.  The years seem to pass quickly for Sarril.  He knows this is what he needs, what he wants… He learns all that he can.  As the years pass, his temperament changes.  He is no longer the boy slave who walked into the temple alone and afraid.  He has chosen who he is.  He knows what he wants.  He has dedicated his life to learning all that he can…

Sarril's dedication to Boccob and his quick learning eventually gained the notice of another well-known servant of Boccob and friend of the temple. The famous archmage Otto took a liking to Sarril and eventually offered him the chance of a lifetime, to come to his home in Chathold and serve as his apprentice. Sarril gladly took the opportunity and in Otto's service, he was given a chance to see much of the world (for Otto loved to travel). Though it took a long time to learn the arcane arts, Otto was an excellent teacher and Sarril a quick student. Within a few years, Sarril was ready to start casting his own spells.

It was in the month of Coldeven, in CY 579 when Otto was summoned to the Adri Forest to meet with the Grand Druid, Immonara. Otto was always a friend to the druids of that area and glad to provide services when needed. Sarril and Otto went to the Adri Forest and there Immonara showed them a horrible site. A dreaded curse has taken hold and was turning all of the trees and vegetation dark gray - colorless as if dead, yet still intact. The curse seemed to be spreading out from a point deep inside the forest, where it was pitch black. In the center of the blackness, Immonara explained, was found a black shard that seems to be the cause. Her druidic rituals could not identify the object or explain its power, and she sought some arcane assistance. Otto tried every means at his disposal to identify the shard but was unable to get an answer. He agreed to discuss it with his order - the Circle of Eight. Surely together, they could figure this out.

Otto and Sarril then traveled to the City of Greyhawk, where Otto has a second home. Otto left Sarril to meet with his fellow wizards. When he returned, he had a mission for Sarril. Several leagues to the west of Greyhawk, in the Viscounty of Verbobonc is the Village of Hommlet. Within this village is a druid named Jaroo, who belongs to an order of druids from the Gnarley Forest. Jaroo may have some information about this shard if Sarril would take it to him. Otto was being called away on urgent business, so Sarril would be entrusted with his first solo mission, if he can handle it. Sarril agreed, eager to prove himself on his own. Otto outfitted him with magical weapons and protections and gave him his very own spellbook - complete with all of Otto's personal spells in addition to the usual stuff. Sarril immediately set about his task.

On the road to Hommlet, Sarril stopped into the inn of the Sleepy Dragon to get a night's rest. While having dinner, he noticed a band playing very loud music that was mesmerizing. Sarril noticed the band members' instruments had a symbol of a tooth dripping blood on it. He started to feel light-headed, and realized he needed to get out. As he made his way to the door, he passed out. When he woke up, he was naked on the side of the road without any possessions whatsoever. Next to him was a naked Fruztii barbarian and a naked grey elf that had seen earlier in the inn. Although they appeared to be in the same place on the road, there was no longer any inn, nor any sign there ever was one here.

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  1. Otto! He was an NPC from Gary's Greyhawk campaign, right? Good stuff.